This website is dedicated to the short-lived and generally unpopular Leyland National buses that were a part of the Strathtay Scottish Omnibus Limited fleet upon its formation in 1985. Sadly only one genuine Strathtay National still exists (NLS989W) but that has been converted to a mobile exhibition unit. For the company's thirtieth anniversary in 2015 a "Strathtay" National once again took to the road, but this time in the guise of WBW735X which closely matched seven of the eleven vehicles Strathtay once operated.


For more details on other Strathtay Scottish buses please visit the Angus Transport Group (external link) and Strathtay Buses in Preservation (external link).

  • UK Atomic Energy Authority Harwell

Our "Strathtay" National


The story of our adopted 1982 Leyland National bus WBW735X and how it became a special tribute to Strathtay's fleet of Nationals.


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Strathtay Scottish Nationals


Details of the eleven Leyland National buses Strathtay Scottish inherited upon their formation in 1985.


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Our National's photograph gallery


An ever-growing collection of photographs (and videos) of our Leyland National bus out on the road attending various events.


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Get in touch with us


Want to get in touch about our Leyland National bus? Send us a message using our online form.


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